[0001]  You need ammunition for a patent dispute such as material for an opinion on novelty, inventive step and non-infringement? For over 15 years IP lawyers and patent attorneys win cases with results of Patentcheck's validity searches, in any technical field bar chemistry, ranging from 10 to 200+ hours.

[0002]  We embrace any challenge to tenaciously chase for 'silver bullets' and often succeed. Armed with our search report a client continued licence negotiations and smiled back to us that: 'The other party backed down.' As instruction the patent number of interest would suffice, but further details on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone are welcome too.
[0003]  Our base fee is 2.5K for an unexamined patent application + 1K for each time claims were probed during proceedings. Our regular tariff is £ 150/hr (rush £ 250/hr) and lead time 10 working days. A no cure-part pay budget is possible, e.g. 50 hours @ £300/hr if Y or X publications are introduced to the case and @ £100/hr if not.